What You Can Expect

+ Functional Lab Tests

Identify gut infections, hormonal imbalances, and mineral deficiencies clearly + effectively.

+ Natural Treatments

use herbs, functional probiotics, diet and lifestyle changes to heal chronic illness.

+ Conscious + Customized Eating

learn to eat based off The Taoist 5 Elements. Stop dieting and start living with nature. Learn how to eat for hormonal and digestive balance (keys to a healthy gut!)

+ Conscious + Better Exercise

learn which forms of exercise are best for your body type and the current state of health. (The answer here will surprise you! I know it!)

+ Decrease Stress

introduce yoga and meditation to your life. Learn how these ancient modalities can support you on your weight loss journey.

+ Understand Your Environment

learn how your daily life choices and the environment in which you live can affect your weight.

+ Get Confident

regain a positive body image and learn to have gratitude for your body.