Welcome to the

Inside Out Program

community and connection

to finally heal chronic health issues, enjoy more energy,

and be a badass woman.


If you’re looking to relieve stress, anxiety, and the chronic health issues keeping you from living your best life as a modern conscious woman…

Learn how simple yoga and meditation practices to transform your mind and body…

Improve your relationships and feel happy, social, and energized because you feel more confident and secure…

And finally want to stop restricting yourself extreme diets and harsh exercise regimes

Then I’m so happy you’re here.

What You Can Expect


Functional Lab Tests →

  • Clearly + effectively identify:
    • gut infections
    • hormonal imbalances
    • mineral deficiencies

Natural Treatments →

  • Heal chronic illness using:
    • herbs
    • probiotics
    • lifestyle changes

Conscious & Customized Eating →

  • Learn to eat based off The Taoist 5 Elements.
  • Stop dieting and start living with nature.
  • Learn how to eat for hormonal and digestive balance (keys to a healthy gut!)

Conscious & Better Exercise →

  • Learn which forms of exercise are best for your body type and the current state of health. (The answer here will surprise you! I know it!)

Decrease Stress →

  • Introduce yoga and meditation to your life.
  • Learn how these ancient modalities can support you on your weight loss journey.

Understand Your Environment →

  • Learn how your daily life choices and the environment in which you live can affect your weight.

Get Confident →

  • Regain a positive body image and learn to have gratitude for your body.

How We Do It

3 Monthly Group Calls

During these 60-minute calls, we cover how to eat and live in alignment with the seasons, meal plans, and how to integrate The 5 Elements. We will discuss the funational lab tests, protocols and herbs. We also focus on yoga and meditation practices, along with uncovering optimal exercise for a balanced, healthy life.

Private Monthly Call

It’s all about connecting with you. During this 1:1 call, I get an even deeper dive into your physical habits, emotional triggers, and what your body needs - the things keeping you stuck, and answer your questions.

Functional Lab Tests

We will find out specifically what is happening in your gut and hormones by using the most state of the art functional lab tests. Using this information help us to create your tailored dietary and lifestyle plan.

3-Day Healing Retreat in Santa Fe, NM

Meet Dr. Nancy in person and dive deep into your personal healing and transformation. Attendance is optional but highly encouraged.

Unlimited Email Access

Monday-Friday, you have unlimited access to pop into my inbox and ask me anything you need to make sure you stay focused and on-track.

Private FB Group

Be part of a group committed to getting healthy. Share recipes, food questions, and ideas. Plus, I’m in there every day answering questions and personally responding.

Ready for this whole body and life transformation?

Acceptance for Inside Out is by application only.

By handpicking every single participant,

I personally curate a community committed to

transforming their bodies and their lives.

“What I really liked about this program …”

“What I really liked about this program was the individual attention, but within the group. Each person was able to confidently present their issues and goals to Dr. Nancy.”

- Terri (Neonatal Nurse Practitioner)


The 5 Flowing Elements: Tiers of a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Right Thinking

Positive thinking is much more than being happy or displaying a positive attitude.  Positive thoughts can actually increase value to one's life and create a lasting effect on one's health.

2. Food Therapy

Food therapy is the knowledge of what food works best with a particular constitution, the current season, or for a major health complaint.  Certain foods will definitely determine the cell quality in the tissues of your body.

3. Exercise/ Yoga

Inside Out yoga is different from traditional yoga because postures and sequences are chosen based on your meridian pathways, influential season, and personal constitution.

4. Self-Care

This type of self-care acknowledges that we can't do everything alone.  Self-care includes getting acupuncture treatments, massage, chiropractic, western medical checkups, and anything that makes you feel cared for and more balanced.

5. Environmentally Sustainable Living

Part of being a conscious being is taking responsibility for the choices you make and the impact they make on the world around you. These choices include buying local, recycling, reusing, living simply, cycling, walking, avoiding plastic, cooking, and cultivating community.

Why You Need The 5 Elements


If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information out there surrounding your health, it’s not your fault.

This information overload is often focused on all the things you’re not supposed to DO or a long list of must DOs that actually put more stress and constriction on your body.

If you’ve ever felt like a certain way of eating or exercise has worked for a friend but not for you and it’s so frustrating trying to understand why that it is - it’s because you simply haven’t found what works for you.

There is no cookie cutter approach to lasting wellness. I promise you.

If you have a long-standing digestive issue or hormonal imbalance, or you just don’t feel like yourself since you’ve become a mom…

You need to invest the time and energy into what’s at the root of this.

For 12 months, you will take big and small steps, completely supported by me and customized for you, to understand your body and create real change.

Issues like adrenal fatigue, poor sleep, irregular periods, gas and bloating, weak digestion, acne, hormonal imbalances, and weight gain keep you constantly searching for answers.  

The real answer is that looking for someone to “fix” you will always leave you frustrated because the change you seek is already within yourself.

The result?

In a year from right now, you will understand your gut microbiome and how to balance your hormones. You’ll sleep more soundly and have more energy. You’ll strengthen your relationships and finally feel confident, energized, and healthy.

You’ll learn to consciously eat to nourish your body. And you’ll know exactly how to keep it going for the rest of your life.

Sound like what you’ve been looking for?

Acceptance for Inside Out is by application only.

By handpicking every single participant,

I personally curate a community committed to

transforming their bodies and their lives.

This is not a diet.  It is a lifestyle that works!”

"I was tired of my hormones being in control of my life. Throughout the plan, I reduced my exercise significantly and still got great results. The Gut Health information has been a game changer! All that would have been enough, but in the first 5 weeks, I lost 13 pounds. This is not a diet.  It is a lifestyle that works!”

- Anne M.