You’re busy and multitasking to the max.

Taking good care of yourself falls to the bottom of the list — kids, work, and the endless to-do list makes it hard to focus on you.

You’ve tried the cleanses, filled your cart to the brim with “healthy stuff”, and The Whole Foods wellness section seems to know your name and credit card number by heart…

But you still don’t feel better - at least not anything that lasts.

To really flourish, it’s time to slow down, nourish yourself, and get gut healthy so you’re able to give from a place of abundance.


It’s time to get the right support.

With a unique blend of Eastern philosophy + modern functional medicine, I support you in transforming your physical health and the quality and resiliency of your life.

I’ll show you how easy it can be to achieve and maintain the health and vibrancy you’ve been looking for…

Ditch the ups and downs that take you away from the relationships and connection in your life...

Discover the ACTUAL root cause of your symptoms and issues…

Customize solutions that target each one — all based on YOU — your body, your lifestyle, and your goals.

Heal digestion

Get clearer skin

Reach your ideal weight

Feel more like yourself again

And become a badass woman in the world.

Life is simply too short to settle for anything less.