Feeling grateful for your suffering.

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I spend a lot of time contemplating health. What it means to be healthy. How one becomes healthy. How to help improve the health of my clients. Comparing and contrasting modern versus ancient approaches to health.

It’s passion meets obsession but in a beautiful, enjoyable way.

Two days ago I went to the Tirta Empul Temple in Bali. The temple was built in 926AD to honor the Hindu god of water, Vishnu. The name – Tirta Empul, means ‘Holy water spring’ in Balinese, and this is where local Balinese Hindus have come for over a millennia to cleanse their minds, bodies and souls, in the curative waters of the pools.

At the temple, I got the run down of how to set me intention/prayer, give my offering and then how to perform the water ceremony. As I listened to the temple keeper’s explanation, i was reminded of the spiritual gifts of illness, pain and suffering.

He shared with me that in Bali, they are grateful for their pain because their pain gives them strength and forces them to grow. A stark contrast to American culture where we are taught to avoid pain at all cost.

This morning I was laying here contemplating this. So many of my clients are struggling with pain and suffering. I am watching my mother deal with Lupus symptoms (she’s currently visiting). I have my own imbalances that I am constantly keeping in check. What if this was all a gift?

Well, in my deepest heart of hearts I know this to be true.

I know that dis-ease is at the core of our spiritual evolution.

A read an article by a famous 5 Elements practitioner named Thea Elijah a few years ago explaining the concept of resonance medicine in Chinese medicine and acupuncture and how historically it was used to prepare one for death.

Not that it would kill you but rather it would increase spiritual awareness so that when you die you would be at a higher level of consciousness. And I guess that was and is the goal. No one is escaping this existence alive.

Then I think about the yogic sciences concept of fate versus destiny. Fate being the life that we live by default. Destiny, the conscious life we create by design allowing us to tap into our deepest source power and bringing abundance into our lives.

If we are living our default life and on automatic mode, I imagine that this is the place where suffering takes place. We are victims in this reality. Everything is happening to us. We are in resistance.

But what if we chose to bring consciousness to our pain and suffering and relate to it as a gift? Wouldn’t this transform everything?

Our food sensitivities wouldn’t be a burden but rather a gift from our body telling us what is damaging us and what needs to change. Our pain would be signals that we need reevaluate our life choices. Our fatigue would tell us to slow down.

Instead of bulldozing these symptoms and wishing them away, we would respectfully and lovingly listen and then make our choices from this gentle accepting space.

Wouldn’t that in and of itself be healing? Wouldn’t that be a more evolved state of consciousness?

Compared to the fear and resistance that most of us struggle with when discomfort ensues.

The more that I dive into the rabbit hole of health, the more that I am certain that the journey to health is so much more than just diet, herbal protocols, and detoxes.

Do I think that those are helpful and necessary? Absolutely.

Nourishing your body, having healthy boundaries and reducing toxic loads are definitely a must and a spiritual practice.

But I am feeling more and more certain with each passing day that the key to transformation and health is really in how we relate to everything.

Can we trust, accept, be grateful and transmute? Or will we be in fear, contracted, rigid and resist?

Which one do you think is the quickest way to health?

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