The Real Cause of Your Seasonal Allergies


It's allergy season again in Santa Fe....which means that it is spring and the Juniper trees are pollinating.  Unlike most places in the country where flowers and trees are blooming flowers, up in the high desert we have mass amounts of juniper.  The result can be clouds of pollen.

Many people suffer during this time of year whether in Santa Fe or somewhere else.  And I wanted to let you know that there are ways to completely avoid these allergies and it's probably not what you were expecting. 

Most people when they think of allergies think of medications, bee pollen, allergy shots or just leaving town.  But if you are having allergies than you actually have really poor gut health.  Yes, I am going to say it have poor gut health. 

See the symptoms you get from pollen/dust/etc in the air are running nose, red itchy eyes, and congestion are caused from your immune system being on high alert.  And this is often caused from chronic systemic inflammation.  

See about 80% of your immune system is actually in your gut.  It’s the place in your body that interacts with the outside world more than any other, taking in nutrients from food and keeping out bacteria, pathogens, and undigested food.

So when you calm inflammation in your gut, you systemically decrease inflammation in your body.  This allows your body to function optimally and handle the seasonal pollen and triggers.  

The easiest way to decrease inflammation in the gut is to cut out food triggers (specific to each individual), clear bacterial/yeast imbalances, increase fermented foods, and decrease stress.  

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