Buckwheat Groat Pancakes

Pancakes don't have to be a guilty morning indulgence with this buckwheat groat version.  These pancakes are not only yummy but have packed with vital nutrients.  

Buckwheat – a nutrient-packed, gluten-free seed abundantly consumed in Asian countries for centuries – is actually not a whole grain like many believe.  It is a seed that is high in both protein and fiber.  Buckwheat supports heart health, can prevent diabetes and helps cure digestive disorders.  Buckwheat seeds, also called "groats", are actually considered a "superfood" because they are packed with nutrients and antioxidants.  

Buckwheats health benefits:

  • Improves heart health by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels
  • Contains disease fighting antioxidants
  • Highly digestible protein
  • High fiber content improves digestion
  • Low glycemic 
  • Non gluten
  • Great source of energy boosting B vitamins + minerals manganese, magnesium, zinc, iron, and folate



Like with grains, it's a good idea to soak buckwheat prior to cooking.  I recommend soaking for 30min to 12 hours...depending on your schedule.  It's super easy to just leave them in water overnight so that they are ready for use in the morning.  Soaking them improves their digestibility.  This also reduces the "anti nutrients" that can block the vitamins and minerals from being absorbed by the body.   After they are soaked remember to drain the liquid and rinse the groats.  Then cook as you would rice.  Ratio of 2:1.



  • 1/2 cup cooked buckwheat groats
  • 3 pasture raised eggs
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • coconut oil
  • 100% pure maple syrup

Smash the banana.  Beat the eggs.  Mix the eggs and banana with the groats.  Heat coconut oil in your pan on medium heat.  Pour batter into pan and cook until bubbles come up in the middle of the pancake.  Then flip.  Serve on plate and drizzle with a small amount of syrup.  Enjoy.  



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