Raising the Vibration

A few months ago I saw that Karma Collective (a brand that I am affiliated with) had a campaign running to build a school in Chimbarazo, Ecuador.  Immediately, I felt compelled to reach out and see how I could become involved.  It was suggested that I host a karma class and have funds donated.  It sounded like a great idea!

It was a great idea for a couple of reasons.  One being that I love Ecuador.  Last year my family and I spent the winter there traveling by bicycle and living on a permaculture farm.  The hospitality, friendliness, and all around good nature of the people we met left a mark on my heart.  We stayed with an indigenous family while there as well.  It is always a profound experience when people who have so little (in the physical sense), give so much.  That being said, I wanted to give back in some way.  

Another reason why the "karma class" sounded great was that Santa Fe loves yoga!  We have over 20 studios in a relatively small city.  My thought was to unite these different pockets with a common cause.  Hence the name "Yoga Unity".

So being the shaker and mover that I am, I ran with the idea.  I contacted local and corporate sponsors.  I shared my aspirations.  I was pleasantly met with support all around.  Yay!  It was really happening.  

Then about two weeks prior to the event, I realized that something was really missing.  I had the space, the raffle prizes, the teachers, the music...but wait!  I didn't have the students!  So I stepped out of my comfort zone.  I spoke to everyone I knew about the event.  I asked my friends, teachers, and colleagues to come and spread the word.  I put up posters.  I prayed.  

Then the day came.  And it all fell into the place.  Slowly people trickled into the door.  Mats spread across the floor.  The sweet song of the harmonium and violin filled the air.  Shawn led us through a heated heart opening flow.  I wanted to cry a few times by how beautiful it was.  We were all there...in devotion...giving...raising our vibrations....raising the communal vibration.  Then I took the lead and led the class into some deep yin postures.  I loved watching everyone melt.  Everyone have moments of struggle and surrender.  Peace filled the room.  We had chai.  We chatted.  And a lot of participants walked out of the space with amazing prizes.  The prizes included yoga clothes, yoga gear, malas, acupuncture treatments, yoga passes, spa treatments and more!  I felt full and I left knowing that everyone walked away from the experience the same.  


We raised over $1000 for the Karma Collective campaign to build a school in Chimbarazo Ecudor.  In just a few short hours, we created one tenth of the entire funds needed to meet the campaign goal!  Truly amazing!  

I wanted to say thank you!  Thank you to all of you that chose to support this effort.  Thank you for making the effort of coming to the class and stepping onto your mat.  Thank you for choosing to raise your vibration.  I truly couldn't have done it without you.  

I hope we can someday come together again on our mats and raise our vibration in this way.  


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