How to make killer bone broth

Chicken feet....a delicacy in Ecuador.  And a perfect ingredient for bone broth.  You can skip them if they idea is too much to handle.  

Most of you have probably heard of bone broth by now.  And if you haven't I am so excited to be the one to educate you on how to make this lovely healing tonic.  Now the name "bone broth" might turn you off.  But really it's just soup or broth that people made back in the day...before the mass meat production.  

So the reasons as to why bone broth is so good for you...I will save for a later post.  But in this article I just want to teach you how to make amazing bone broth.  Because if you are like want it to taste good and not just be good for you.  

So you can use whatever type of bones that you want or already have.  (tip: hold on to bones from meals and make broth from them)  The most common bones to use for bone broth are beef, chicken and fish.  You can go to the butcher and ask for feet, joints, necks etc.  All the stuff we don't typically eat...and it makes great bone broth.  

Here are the key factors to making your bone broth taste amazing.

  • If you bought your bones (meaning not using bones from a previous meal) then you'll want to blanch them quickly to get all the yuckies off.  By yuckies I just mean stuff that isn't necessarily good for you and is hanging onto the joints/cartilage etc.  
  • If you bought your will want to brown them.  Yes make them all crispy and brown.  That's what gives your broth flavor.  
  • Cook your bones for the appropriate amt. of time.  Chicken is 4-8 hrs and Beef is 8 -24 hrs.  Over cooking doesn't really give you any additional benefits except break down the bones and undercooking doesn't give you the health benefits. 
  • Always use local pasture raised meat sources whenever possible.  You don't want to be drawing out impurities from bones from conventionally raised animals.
  • Lastly make sure you add a bit of apple cider vinegar to your broth while you are cooking it to help draw out all the beneficial yummies from the bones.  

Stay tuned for my next two posts.  I will share with you a great bone broth recipe and the answer all the "whys" you may have about this tonic.