Earth Mama: Selfless Giver

We are definitely at the end of summer here in Santa Fe, NM.  You know this when you start to smell roasting chile peppers, your coconut oil is solid, and you need to bust out your down comforter at night.  Some might say that we are in Autumn, but in Chinese medicine we have entered a very special season called "late summer".  

Once summer has peaked, the year's cycle begins it's inevitable decline into the season of "late summer"- the season of the Earth element.  

For many of us, this is our favorite time of year because we still can enjoy warm sunny days without the intense heat.  In Chinese medicine, it is referred to as a time of abundance.  No need to look further than your local farmers market for validation of this.  Nature is returning the fruits it has made, which are bountiful, ripe, and ready.  

As above, so below.  This time is more than just reaping the bountiful harvest of our gardens.  The seasons of the year reflect life's seasons.  This is a special time of year when the work we've done on ourselves during the earlier part of our lives or the year - the growth and strengthening of the body, cultivating meaningful relationships, challenging and developing the intellect, spiritual practice - all determine the quality of the harvest we reap - and what we have to share with others.  

During late summer, we have the ability to connect on a deeper level with the Mother.  This could be the mother that raised us, the mother within us, or our Earth Mother. The mother archetype is a selfless giver whom without her freely given nourishment we would not survive.  The Earth endures constant abuse, yet forgivingly provides us with food, water, and resources.  

Many of us in this world, did not receive the mothering that we needed as children.  So this is also a significant time to bring those issues to surface for healing and acceptance.   It is never too late to begin to mother ourselves in the ways we always needed.  Healing these wounds can result in a myriad of improvements in one's digestion, relationships, and overall well being.  

Ways to connect with the Earth element 

  • Go to your local farmers market and do your shopping.  Touch, smell, and admire the beauty that the Earth provides.  Spend time in your garden.  
  • Be aware of how you can nourish yourself.  When our cup is full, we are able to share more freely without regret, resentment, or depletion.
  • Share with your friends and family.  Engage in communal meals, potlucks, and gatherings.