The Art of Ceremony

Ceremonies are important pieces of of life transitions.  They assist us in closing one element and opening up another one with meaning, centeredness, and grace.  Most of us, when we think of ceremony, think of graduations, tea ceremonies, or hippies dancing around a fire in Mexico.  But ceremonies are more than that.  They are a necessary part of our spiritual existence.  They enable us to harness our energy in a particular direction.   Ceremony helps us to align with intention and move with the rhythm of life around us in a very mindful way.  Whether you are picking out a new set of dishes for your home, changing your diet with the seasons, or practicing yoga in the morning - the space created and the intention behind it is ceremony.  There is immense power in directing your attention specifically to one task, one moment, or one feeling.  In being present you are allowing yourself the openness and listening ears to really hear and see what is going on inside you...on a soul level.  This connection is ceremony.  

Ceremony is a virtue of the Heart and Fire element.  We experience Fire most fully in the season of summer.  Summer time is an ideal season to practice connecting with this aspect of yourself.  The art of ceremony is the perfect tool.  In order for connection to happen, two beings or people have to be at the same place at the same time.  So in order for you to connect with yourself in this soulful way, full presence is necessary.

There's lots of different levels of ceremony.  You could try just setting an intent like "I want to connect with my breath".  Or you might say "Today I want to bring relaxation and healing to my belly because every time I get stressed out my stomach turns to knots".  You could make an alter or smell an essential oil to mark this transition in's all up to you.  You get to be the creator.  I invite you to try it.  It's powerful stuff.  

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