Fire: The element of Summer

Red is the color associated with the Fire element.  

Red is the color associated with the Fire element.  

Summer time is ruled by the FIRE element.  It is a time of heat, growth, and increased light.  The virtue of Fire is Joy.  The emotion associated is anxiety.  In Oriental medicine, the body organs related are the heart and small intestine.  The heart is called the "King".  During the summer we can most closely connect with the energy of Fire.  This is when all the energy of the year flourishes and blossoms.  Summer is the time to enjoy the fruit of the seeds we have planted and the visions and plans we have made.  If we don't allow ourselves to blossom and bear fruit during this time, we will deprive ourselves of the late summer harvest to carry us through the winter.  

How is your Fire? Is there joy and laughter in your life?  Are friendships important to you?  Did you grow up in a warm family?  Was it cold?  Hot and cold?  Hardhearted?  Brokenhearted?  How are love and sex related to you?

These are questions you can use to reflect on the state of your fire element.  Remembering that we are in a constant state of flux.  Growth and balance are always achievable.  

Ideas to reconnect with your Fire element:

  • wear the color red (orange, coral, etc)
  • watch a funny movie or comedians that make you laugh
  • connect with loved ones
  • eat red foods (cherries, beets, watermelon)
  • feel the warm rays of sun on your skin
  • gaze into a candle flame

It is important to use all the five elements judiciously and in balance.  5 Elements is about balance of the physical, mental and spiritual level.  Flowing Elements is about having the correct approach of the traditional wisdom of 5 elements and integrating it into your internal landscape with yoga and lifestyle modifications.  



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