A paragraph about how Flowing Elements yoga is different from other forms of yoga.

Flowing Elements Yoga

Flowing Elements Yoga is a Taoist 5 elements based system blended with traditional yoga created that teaches individuals all over the world to connect more deeply with life, body, and mind.  Flowing Elements Yoga fosters to a community of individuals that want to deepen their practice and understanding of the body through an eastern medical and Taoist perspective.  Flowing Elements Yoga can be used to keep the body in balance by activating particular meridian pathways in the body that associate with organs.  Because particular organs are associated with each season, practices are often structured in accordance with the dominate energy/organs of the season.  Flowing Elements Yoga is not just a style of yoga but is also an educational experience that allow the individual to understand the body and create individualized yoga prescriptions based on seasons, age, and conditions of body/mind.  

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