Women's Health Program

Nancy can address a wide variety of imbalances including: fatigue, mood imbalances, menstrual issues, peri-menopause, menopause, gut dysfunction, thyroid and adrenal problems.
With specialized training in natural hormone balancing, she also understands the many unique issues facing women today and the effect stress and the environment can have on your health.

For women and men who are otherwise healthy, with no major complaints, but who may be going through hormonal changes that warrantbio-identical hormone support, this option may be right for you.

This program is
$1125 and includes 3 appointments total as follows:

Or pay as you go for
$500 upfront and $140 for 5 months


1 intake appointment lasting up to 60 minutes

1 follow-up appointment lasting up to 60 minutes

1 follow-up appointment lasting up to 30 minutes

2 hours of nutrition and health coaching by our functionally trained nutritionist/health coach

Initial labs tend to be covered by insurance and thus represent a minimal additional cost to you.  Follow-up testing uses the DUTCH hormone test, which is $150-$250 depending on which option we choose.

Bio-identical hormones are a separate charge from the pharmacy.

Additional follow-ups as needed up to 30 min. are $225

All patients receiving hormone replacement therapy are REQUIRED to have lab testing and follow-up at least twice yearly to maintain your prescriptions

Please note that this program is not a typical fee-for-service medical model – rather, it is a transformational program designed to create wellness and not to simply give you a prescription for a single symptom. Dr. Daniel will spend several additional hours pondering and formulating your case beyond the face-to-face time as she looks obsessively at your labs and your timeline and the intricacies of your case, so the value of the process is not simply based on the time spent in an appointment.