Inside Out: the 5 element weight loss cure


Inside Out: the 5 element weight loss cure



Join me to move into Summer with my online program offering, Inside Out: the 5 Element Weight Loss Cure.

We start together on June 6 2017, registration is now open!

Nancy Crowell here, the Founder of Flowing Elements. I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and yoga teacher offering offering mind, body, and health workshops, retreats and online programs.  I am so excited to offer you the Inside Out program. I created this offering so that you can experience the health and body that is your birthright.  I will be sharing with you important information on how to use food to balance your hormones and to finally stop calorie counting and portion controlling. I will also educate you on how to optimize your digestion from the Oriental medicine and 5 Elements perspective.  Plus, I will share my favorite tools, insights and inspiration from our own life practices and learnings. I am super excited to share this program with you so that you can be the master of your own destiny.  


Weekly Breakdown:

Week 1

To begin our program, we'll learn how and why food is medicine. More specifically, we'll discuss what it means to eat healthily - from a Chinese medicine perspective - including how best to strengthen your digestion. Using Taoist 5 Elements, yin & yang theory, and a basic understanding of your health and constitution, we'll create the ideal diet for YOU. 

Week 2

During our second week, we'll concentrate on hormones - and what makes them key players in losing weight. As part of this, we'll assess your hormonal health. And to compliment this understanding, we'll learn how to use food therapy and supplements to balance your hormones.

Week 3

For our 3rd week, we'll talk about the ways in which both a lack of exercise and overtraining can affect hormones and weight loss efforts - and how best to strike a balance. We'll learn how to be smart and efficient with exercise regimes. And we'll develop a deeper understanding of yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), and high intensity interval training.

Week 4

In week 4, we will learn the importance of digestive health and a diverse gut flora.  You will learn how to insure you are eating foods that nourish the beneficial bacteria and also why it's important for weight loss,  hormones, and immunity. 

Week 5

By week 5, it's time to debunk some of the most common health food myths - the likes of low fat products and sugar-free sweeteners. Additionally, we'll learn about more effective - and satisfying - alternatives, and cover recipes that include them. We'll also review how fermented foods - like sauerkraut and kefir - can improve gut health and help us lose weight.

Week 6

This week, we'll discuss how our environment impacts hormonal health. We'll consider the importance of key lifestyle changes - including sleep and stress management - and their role in keeping hormones in check and our bodies healthy and happy. Within this week, we'll also discover how small, manageable changes can have a large impact on both health and hormones.

Week 7

Our final week will concentrate on the notion of a positive body image - and how crucial it is in this day and age. We'll talk about realistic expectations - and the importance of a better quality of life over numbers on a set of scales. To complete these teachings, we'll create tools that help maintain this newly developed lifestyle after the program. And we'll consolidate everything we've learned.


What You Can Expect:

+ All access pass to my private secure page on my website.  This page will have weekly reading information, pre-recorded lectures, yoga, meditation, and exercise videos.  

+ A private Facebook Accountability group for resource sharing and connection.  Plus access to the Inside Out community page where you can reach out and connect with individuals who have already completed the program and are still utilizing the tools for support in healthy living. 

+ Weekly 15 minute private coaching  calls with Dr. Nancy to take the material deeper, together. Calls will be scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays to fit your schedule. 

+ 7 weeks of recommended exercises, yoga sequences, and breathing exercises.  Plus a calendar to keep it all straight.  

+ Recipes booklet

+ A new set of tools and perspectives to inspire you to get you ideal weight, body, and health.

REMINDER: You get what you give.Commit fully to the next six weeks as an investment into yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What if I have to miss the conference calls, will I miss a bulk of the program?
A: Not at all. The program is built to be go-at-your-own-pace. All of the information is pre-recorded on either audio or video and will be posted weekly on the MEMBER page on my website. Weekly coaching calls will be set to be at an ideal time for you.  I get that life gets busy, I wanted to create a program that was accessible and still accountable!

Q: What can I expect each week?
A: Each week,  you will need to log on to the private page with the secret password.  You will then have access to the weeks reading material, lessons and exercises.  The Facebook page is available to share notes, ideas, thoughts, and questions that come up along the way, and to create community!  During the 6 weeks, I will be available via email and Facebook for any questions or support you may need along the way.  And of course during your private coaching calls, I am all yours.   

Q: What if I don't have Facebook?
A: No problem.  You can create a Facebook account just for this program and accept no friends, only be in the Inside Out group. Or, I can set you up with an email partner to discuss the content!

Q: Is there a Payment Plan option?
A: Why yes, see Payment Plan info below and email us at to learn more!

Payment Plan Info: I am committed to offering a Payment Plan for those interested in splitting the payment over the seven weeks. The possibility is two payments, one payment at sign up and the final payment due on July 4 2017. Please email me at to set up your first payment or with any questions! 

Cannot wait to take this journey with you!
Nancy Crowell


Note:  Spaces are limited.  So please sign up soon to guarantee your spot.  





DISCLAIMER: If you are under the age of 18 years old, we are sorry to advise that I will not be able to offer online support to you, so please refrain from purchasing my packages.  If your intention for taking the program is to get pregnant please just notify me if you get pregnant while in the program so that we can make appropriate modifications.  If you have a serious health concern, please contact your physician before starting.  

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