Dr. Nancy Crowell DOM

Nancy Crowell's bio.  Information on her education and why she does what she does. 

Dr. Nancy Crowell, DOM, YTT, is a trained Doctor of Oriental Medicine and yoga teacher.  

She obtained her masters degree in Oriental medicine focusing on 5 elements and Japanese meridian therapy from Southwest Acupuncture College  in Santa Fe, NM.  

Nancy has been practicing yoga since her late teens.  She fell in love with the Ashtanga practice while combating the stress of her undergrad.   After a few years of a devoted practice she traveled to India to formally train.  She did her teacher training in 2006 at Sivananada Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Yoga Ashram in Kerala, India. She began teaching full time shortly after returning to the U.S. in Lake Tahoe, CA.   In 2006, she traveled to Thailand to study Thai yoga massage therapy.  

Nancy is the founder of Flowing Elements.  Her enthusiasm for Eastern health modalities has led her to develop a unique way blending these varied trainings and life experiences into a yoga practices that is able to support others in a physical and soulful way.  She also emphasizes balanced lifestyle by teaching individuals how to nourish themselves based on Oriental medicine and functional medicine.

Nancy works with clients one on one by creating customized diet and lifestyle programs enabling them to achieve the health and body goals they desire.  

Nancy's intention and vocation is to assist others in leading more open, authentic, and healthy lives.