Inside Out Program

Inside Out: Heal your hormones Program

Yourself 10 pounds lighter, loving our body, living in your skinny jeans, know exactly what to eat to nourish your body.  You are feeling excited about your exercise routine because you know that its the right one for you.  You've learned how to use yoga and meditation to reduce stress and cortisol hormone.   Your relationships have improved because you're feeling more secure in your body and your hormones feel balanced.  You're saving money because you're not longer wasting money on fast food and that unused gym membership.  You feel happy, social, and energized.  At work you are killing it.  You are super productive and confident.  You have remained healthy and steered clear of any colds floating around.  You no longer feel like you are restricting yourself on yo yo diets and harsh exercise regimes. You are sleeping soundly and waking up rested.  You feel amazing and are ready to share that energy with the world.

In this program you will learn: 

  • Identify gut infections, hormonal imbalances, and mineral deficiencies through lab tests. 
  • Use herbs, functional probiotics, diet and lifestyle changes to heal chronic illness.  
  • How to eat based off of Taoist 5 Elements.  Stop dieting and start living with nature.  Learn how to eat for hormonal and digestive balance.
  • Learn which forms of exercise are best for your body type and current state of health. 
  • Introduce yoga and meditation to your life.  Learn how these ancient modalities can support you on your weight loss journey.
  • Learn how your daily life choices and the environment in which you live can affect your weight.  
  • Regain a positive body image and learn to have gratitude for your body.  



I would totally recommend this to ALL my friends! So many of them are living a hormone imbalanced lifestyle and are living off the wrong nutrition and stimulants. We have been trained incorrectly and given the wrong tools. You help correct this information and give the correct tools for whole health success!
— Heather (active and fit Mental Health Therapist)
I’m completing the 6th week of this program and although I felt like I was following a fairly healthy diet plan before starting, my overall feeling of wellness had diminished over the past couple of years. It took me a couple of weeks to make some significant changes (habits are hard to break) but now I feel like I’m back on a steady and healthy track. What I really liked about this program was the individual attention, but within the group. Each person was able to confidentially present their issues and goals to Dr. Nancy. An individual program was developed with one on one time with her, but there was also an opportunity to communicate and get feedback within group. I’m looking forward to reviewing all the new information I received and continuing this path!
— Terri (Neonatal Nurse Practitioner)
This was more than a weight-loss program. Not only will you lose weight, but more importantly you will learn how to eat and live healthy, and the weight loss just follows. No starving yourself. Nancy offered insight on a variety of topics besides eating healthy and with the seasons, such as yoga, meditation, high impact workouts, and how your body reacts to various types of food and supplements. It is individualized attention but in a small group setting. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve the way they feel, and feel about their body.
— Lisa
I joined the 5 element weight loss program because I was prepared to make a lifestyle change! I have never had a healthy diet and I was excited to participate in a program that would help me make better dietary choices on a daily basis. Nancy was full of amazing information and insight that made you stop and think about how you treat your body. I benefited the most from learning how to listen to my body! I’ve made adjustments in my lifestyle due to this program; adjustments that made my overall outlook on life more positive.
— Kaleigh (recent grad school graduate)
Going through this six week course really helped me to understand how to improve my health and overall lifestyle. My approach to every day is different - food, exercise, sleep, timing, and general mindset. Dr Nancy really helps you to understand not only how to improve many different aspects of your life and what to do, but also WHY you should and WHY it works. That really helped me commit to long term changes in how I approach life in general. When you work with Dr Nancy, not only do you get a guide and teacher, but you get an encouraging friend. I am so happy I chose to do this course, and really do believe it helped in my overall balance of life and health and will continue to do so.
— Tess
I started this program to help jump-start my fitness one year after having my second child. The idea was that I could have the community to kick off my 15-20 lb weight loss goal. The program was much more than that! As the mom, I sort of have the dominant role in the health of my children, but also my husband. The information I learned over the 6 weeks really gave me knowledge to help my husband increase his health and stress levels, and he has incorporated a number of changes in his daily habits. In the program, I had to change my cooking a bit, and my family had to go with it, but in the end my 4 year old became much more amiable to eating a variety of vegetables! Though the change were hard at times, it was totally doable and Nancy provided a lot of support and reminders. After the 6 weeks, my quality of sleep is literally night and day, I lost 12 lbs. and I kind of feel like I am out of the postpartum haze that I have been in for the last year. I would recommend this program to anyone, no matter their gender or wellness goals.
— Annie (mother of 2 young children)


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